Robert D. Brown      
Professor of Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning, Texas A&M University      

I’m a professor of Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning at the Texas A&M University. During that time I've worked with a lot of bright and talented students and through our studies we've come to understand the atmospheric environment in new and often surprising ways. We've studied how elements in the landscape modify the different components of the microclimate, and how the microclimate affects the thermal comfort of people. By integrating these landscape architects can design environments that modify the microclimate to create thermally comfortable outdoor environments. This is particularly important in the context of global climate change and intensification of urban heat islands.

It's a delicate and unwieldy marriage between micrometeorology and landscape architecture, but through these blogs I hope to make the connections understandable and applicable.

Professional Affiliations

Saskatchewan Association of Landscape Architects
Canadian Society of Landscape Architects
Fellow of the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture



BSc Geography (magnis cum honoribus), University of Saskatchewan
MLA Landscape Architecture, University of Guelph
PhD Micrometeorology, University of Guelph


recent awards

OALA Research and Innovation Award -   “Recognizing the outstanding leadership, research and/or academic achievements, through scholarly activities, that contributes to the knowledge base that furthers the advancement of the art, the science and the practice of landscape architecture.”

CSLA Teaching Medal - “In recognition of a substantial and significant contribution to a landscape architecture program of education”.



Works on Design with Microclimate

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